Barry Berona is a native Californian with a deep background in capturing beautiful imagery that goes back to the first time he picked up a camera. Born to an auto racing family he began shooting super 8mm film in the early 70's to record his dad racing on the many dragstrips around the country. This sparked a flame that was stoked by making many films of his own as a teen filmmaker and then onto college where he studied still photography in San Diego under some of the most visually talented teachers.

In the early 90's he was persuaded to come to Los Angeles and join forces in the motion picture industry and dove in without a second thought. Always in the camera department, he started at the bottom and worked his way up on feature films and large scale commercial productions. Along his journey he was fortunate to work and learn from some of the most prestigious names in cinematography, names like Vitorio Storaro, Darius Kondji and Brendan Galvin were just a few who made the difference in the direction he would take in becoming a filmmaker of such magnitude.

Working in every imaginable situations all over the world many times over, Barry has the ability to think quickly on his feet no matter the circumstance. Whether he is spending weeks on an active aircraft carrier in the Pacific or dealing with a non-English speaking crew in Sri Lanka, his work ethic shines through as a leader of his team. Barry displays the same enthusiasm for all of his projects, large to small as his ethos is always the same, " help deliver world class results within the budget wherever possible".

With over 300 commercials under his belt Barry has broken new creative ground with directors like David Quinn, Wayne Craig, Robert Kenner, Amanda Michelli, Jeff Linnel, Paul Street, Patrick Robbins, Anthony Garth, Elle Kamihira, Nigel Simpkiss, Ryley Burghall, Ole Schell, Carter Smith, Francesco Carrozzini, and Gilly Barnes. His versatile, award winning commercial work extends to many sub-genres including automotive, tabletop, and beauty for such recent clients as, Google, Nike, Subaru, Toyota, GM, Ford, Renault, Mitsubishi, Harley Davidson, Sony, US Navy, Snickers, Honda, Coors, Priceline and Pure Michigan Tourism. He recently lensed the acclaimed Superbowl spot for Dannon/Oikos Yogurt featuring John Stamos.

In last several years Barry has moved into the documentary realm with directing and shooting beautiful and moving documentaries Awakening Fire and Where the Ocean Meets the Sky, which garnered great reviews and many awards., He has recently wrapped principal photography for Food Inc. director, Robert Kenner on his latest feature documentary, Merchants of Doubt released by Sony Classic Pictures.

Barry is based in Los Angeles as well as Calgary, Aberta Canada. He has two young children and lives north of Los Angeles.


"Having directed award winning ads all over the world for over 15 years, I’ve worked with a lot of DOPs. They have all been skilled and delivered a good product but, one stands out. Barry Berona is simply the best creative collaborator I’ve ever worked with. He’s so much more than someone who knows how to light and manage his crew. Barry has an enthusiasm that starts the second I tell him we’ve got a job. He always has some brilliant and insightful visual concept that raises the bar and elevates the entire production. His film knowledge is almost encyclopedic and when I propose a visual approach Barry always ‘over delivers’. Barry simply takes ownership of ‘the look’, whatever the budget, and raises my work to a higher level."

Wayne Craig - Director, Saville Productions


Always a great collaboration with director Wayne Craig

Always a great collaboration with director Wayne Craig

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